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Bas thermaux de mohair
Bas thermaux de mohair
Bas thermaux de mohair
Bas thermaux de mohair

Mohair Thermal Socks

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Natural Fibre

The foot is only in contact with natural yarn. (85% kid mohair)

Very soft and warm

Mohair, a soft, light, silky, resistant natural fibre produced by the angora goats, is much warmer than wool.


Toes and heels are reinforced.

Easy maintenance

Machine wash (wash and rinse in warm water); hang to dry.

Anti-perspiration and anti-odour

Mohair cuts down on perspiration and keeps feet dry.


Mohair keeps feet at a constant temperature: warm in winter, cool in summer.

Made in Canada

Knit in the province of Quebec and made from mohair, the fiber produced by angora goats ; the breed of goats that have been raised during about thirty years at Grand Flodden Farm in Quebec’s Eastern Townships

Correspondence Table for Sock and Shoe Sizes

4-6 : children from 1 to 3 ans
5-7 : children from 4 to 7 ans

7-9S5.54 - 6.5
9-11M6 - 8.57 - 9.5
10-13L9 - 11.510 - 12.5
13-15XL12 - 14.5